Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Quick Note

I don't have a lot of time to sit down and write, but wanted to share a few things Adriana has said today. She's talking more and more each day and we love it! (Most of the time!) Today she was eating breakfast and walks over to the sliding glass door and says with her hands in the air A: "Uh oh Mommy...rain go?" She was asking where the rain went.
Me: "Its not going to rain today, its going to be sunny instead"
A: "Buy More"
Me: "Buy more what? Rain?"
A: "Yes Mommy, buy more"
Me: "Well Mommy can't buy the rain, God sends us the rain, but today He's giving us sunshine"
A: "Ohhh"
I don't know if you had to be there to see how cute it was. Later on, she told me again that that the rain was gone, but that God sends it.

Another cute thing was today, while Adriana was in school, I stayed home and packed for our trip tomorrow. I still have suitcases open and they are full of things. Adriana walked in from school and said "Uh oh Mommy, what happened?" I told her that we had to pack to go see PopPop and HeeHee. She couldn't get over that her diapers were in a suitcase. It was cute. She saw another bag with all her hair stuff in it and said the same thing. It's blowing her mind that all her stuff are in bags.

We are going to be leaving bright and early in the morning and won't be back until next Wednesday, I will try to post while I'm down there, but that may not work out. Hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I have been out of the loop for the past few days. Isn't it funny, how you can feel so disconnected just by not getting on the Internet for a few days? Kind of sad I guess. Anyway, just have been busy/not at home. Still have had nothing exciting happen, just been busy. On Saturday we wanted to go down to a local festival, of sorts, in Nixa. Its called Sucker Days, named after the Sucker Fish. Anyway, we got all geared up to go there that evening to see some booths and watch the parade. We get down there and are so excited that we got such a great parking spot. We walked around and weren't that impressed. All the booths were packing up. I just assumed it was because of the parade starting. We grabbed some nasty, expensive food and ate on the sidewalk. After we ate we asked a police officer where the parade was going to be. was on Friday night. No wonder we got such a great parking spot! So we loaded up our van and took Adriana to the park to play. All in all, it wasn't that bad, but I was still disappointed.
On Monday, we had to take our van in the shop to get a new water pump. It was in the shop ALL day, therefore, I got NOTHING done. We leave for Alabama/Florida on Thursday morning VERY early in the morning. Please pray for good weather and safe travel. Adriana doesn't normally sleep in the car, so hopefully, she will travel good. Its such a long trip for all of us, and I know it is especially for her.
Well, its almost bedtime, so I better wind down. I will try to write tomorrow, but will have so much to get done. Hope everyone is doing well.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I have strict orders from a lot of people to let them know how my first doctor's appointment went today. She determined that I'm about 12 weeks along, which will put me due around Thanksgiving. When they do the ultrasound in a couple of months, they can get a better idea on a due date. I got to hear the heartbeat, which is always cool. And, yes, there was only one!
I guess that's about all the news for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday and try to enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slacking Off

Sorry I haven't written anything in a few days, I have just been so tired and not felt like sitting down and writing something on the computer. I still kind of feel that way, but I wanted my "fans" to have something new to read. We really haven't had too much going on. Last Friday, I got to go out to dinner with my good friend, Jen, to a Japanese place, where they cook the food in front of you. It was cool to watch and was very good to eat! I really enjoyed seeing her again, it has been so long! Me, Jen and Susan use to be attached at the hip and we would be together 24/7 in high school. Those where the good ol' days...
On Saturday my parents had ANOTHER garage sale. I do believe that will be it for a LONG time! We are burnt out! The little town they live in had a city wide sale, so while dad ran our sale, I went shopping and spent more than our earnings for the day. I was super excited though. I came across this sale with a lady selling good maternity clothes, that were like brand new, for only $2/piece. They were all my size. I went back twice to her, I couldn't let such a good deal go. I bought over $30 worth of clothes from her. Ryan was pleased with my bargains.
Mother's day was pretty low key. I had my parents and Chris over for lunch. We ate lunch and bowled on the Wii, it was fun.
I go for my first doctors appointment this Friday, so I'm hoping they can give me a due date. We'll see...
We are planning on going down to Alabama/Florida a week from tomorrow, over Memorial Day weekend. We are looking forward to taking Adriana to the beach for the first time, hopefully she will like it and not be scared. I dread the drive, but I know we will have fun once we are there.
This evening is suppose to be some more strong storms. The other day, when I shot that footage of the wind, we had 17 tornadoes rip though Missouri, hopefully it won't be that bad tonight, although they are saying its suppose to be pretty severe. I'll keep you posted...
Well, sorry this is just a lot of nothing, but at least its something. Have a good day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Stormy Morning

Well if anyone has seen the radar, you knew that there were pretty bad storms that blew through this morning. It turned green outside right before the storm hit and it was pretty scary. We heard sirens and had lots of thunder and lighting, but that was about the worst of it as the storm blew through. However, after the actual storm came though, it got extremely windy. Some wind gusts were in access of 80 mph. I couldn't believe how windy it was. It caused our electricity to go out several times. I got the camera out to show how bad it got. It's hard to hear the wind gusts on the camera, but you can see the trees blowing in the wind. In the first video you can see that our patio furniture hadn't been moved by the wind yet, but as I was recording, it got blown together. Try to keep your eye on the ground to the right side of our deck. In the first video you can see an object sitting right on the ground next to the deck. That object is my big BBQ grill. In the next video, taken a couple of minutes later, you can see my BBQ grill in the yard. It got picked up like it was nothing and tossed about 6-7 feet from its home. Its kind of hard to see, but if you pay attention, you can see it.

Needless to say, it was a pretty exciting morning. I'm very thankful that all we got was strong winds, it could have been a lot worse. Hope everyone is having a good Friday.

Viewing Note: On the first video, I wasn't talking, because I was wanting to pick up the wind gust sounds, and right at the end of the video, I said "crap" loudly, because the wind had just blew my grill over. Sorry for the "foul" language.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Adriana is a little mocking bird. She will say whatever you say, or laugh how you laugh, its pretty funny and cute, unless she does it to a stranger while we are out in public. Anyway, here are some things that she says that I want to write down, so I won't forget them.

When Adriana is wanting to be held she will look at me and say "hold you".

At night, I'll try to talk to Adriana about her day and tell her to have sweet dreams, so I'll say "do you want me to talk to you?". So Adriana will say "Talk you", when she wants me to lay down with her and talk.

When Zoe has had enough of her sister, she will pat at her or snap at her. Adriana will come to me and say "Got you!". This is because if I see this happen I'll say, "Zoe is going to get you, if you don't stop".

Adriana also LOVES to help out with chores around the house. She will help her daddy with the trash and will collect all the trash cans and dump them into the big trash can and then help carry it out to the barrel. She loves to help with the dishes and laundry. Her newest chore she loves to help with is with, in Adriana's words, "Zoe's Poopies". She LOVES to clean out Zoe's litter box. I don't know how good it is that she is inhaling cat waste, but she loves it. She is such a big helper, and we know that come 10 years down the road, she won't be so willing to do chores, but we think its cute now.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My First Show

This weekend was pretty low key. I had my first jewelry show this last Saturday. It, well, confirmed my fears about getting into this business. No one showed up at the show. The hostess had invited a lot of people to come, but no one showed up. I was all rehearsed, all ready to give my shpell (sp?), and it was a dud. My next show is in a couple of weeks. I hope I have at least a few people show up. Ryan didn't want me to get into this jewelry thing anyway, and it really didn't help build confidence that my first show was a no show. Hopefully next time will be better....

Friday, May 1, 2009

Chair Tippin'

Adriana has her favorite Elmo Chair that she will sit in and watch her videos. A couple of weeks ago, I was in my room cleaning or something, and I just hear Adriana out in the family room saying "Uh,Uh,Uh,Uh". I went in there and found her flipped backwards in her seat just laying there staring at the ceiling. I went to take a picture and of course she loved that. She was saying "cheese" and then it became a game.

Well today, I was sitting here at the computer while she watched a video and I just hear "cheese, Cheese", I look over and she has assumed the position again, and was ready for her close up. The first incident happened close to a month ago, and she remembered that I took a picture, and she was ready for another one today.