Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pictures of the house

I woke up this morning determined to make good on my promise that I was FINALLY going to post pictures of our house. We have been in our house 2 months, almost to the day, and we LOVE it. Adriana has gotten use to it too, although she still says "good bye" to the old house as we drive by it, although its not everytime now. These pictures were taken 3 weeks after we moved in. We hosted a progressive dinner over at our house, so that was my motivation to get it done. Some things have changed since I have taken these pictures, but you can get an idea. I still need to finish the baby's room and office, as soon as I do, I will post pictures of those. Due 2 weeks from today, nothing like waiting until the last minute to get the nursrey done.
(The pictures took a fraction of the time that it normally took at our old house, which means that I will be posting more pictures and videos, since it won't take up my whole day.)

Downstairs Bathroom

Downstairs Bathroom

Downstairs Family Room

Downstairs Family Room

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom (don't mind the
mound of laundry in the laundry
basket, I was too busy unpacking)

Adriana's Room

Adriana's Room

Adriana's Room

Kids Bathroom
"Splish Splash I was taking a bath"
is the theme in their bathroom, I have
it on the wall, but it would show up in
the pictures.


Upstairs Family Room

Upstairs Family Room (Nevermind the tiny
TV sitting there, we have upgraded since then)

Upstairs Family Room
(Zoe loves being the model to help display how
comfortable she is in her new house)

The laundry room
You can't tell ANYTHING from this
picture, but I had these cabinates put
in for extra storage, and I LOVE it!

Kitchen looking into the laundry room


Dining area

Friday, October 30, 2009


Its like we have come out of the dark ages! Of course, the day we get it, I really don't have any time to sit here and post anything fun and exciting. I have had doctor's appts today and lunch with friends and am just getting home at 4:30pm and getting ready to have a date night with Ryan, so we will be leaving soon. My goal is to post pictures either tonight or tomorrow, so check back.
I did want to give a quick story. Me and Adriana were out at Wal-Mart yesterday doing our usual shopping when an old man came up to me and asked me when the triplets were due. I chalked the comment up to "witty" old man banter, but I actually think he was serious. When I laughed at his comment, he asked again when the triplets were due. Just told him that I have having ONE big baby, a thanksgiving turkey of sorts.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting the Internet SOON!

Hey everyone, so sorry that my blog is falling apart. I HATE not being able to update it. Its something I truly enjoy doing, and haven't been able to in so long. After a few calls (last one being pretty forceful) I finally got the internet company to come out and see if they could hook us up. Well, come to find out, we could have been hooked up all along. Yeah, not too pleased about that, but at least we are going to be getting it. We were suppose to get it yesterday, but the guy said that the cable line needed to be tapped into, so he had to call someone else to do that, so HOPEFULLY by friday we should have it. Keep your fingers crossed.
We have 18 more days until my due date. The baby's room is coming together. My poor mom has done so much sewing for the room. We were able to decorate it for the most part last night, just a few more finishing touches. Once we get the internet at home, I will post pictures of our house and the baby's room.
Adriana is having a PJ party today at school and is so excited about it. They are to wear their PJ's and they are eating Pizza for lunch. She was so excited about it. I'm sure I'll get an earful from her on the way home.
Well, stay with me. I hope to be up and going by this weekend. Hope everyone is doing good!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cranbabies and Father Abraham for dinner

I'm so tired of not having the internet. I love to post little things that Adriana says and does, just so I have a way of remembering them. Last night we were eating a mini "Thanksgiving" dinner. We had ham, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole and cranberries. Adriana is always wanting to know what she is going to be eating, so she will point to food on her plate and ask "What's this mommy?". Last night she pointed to the cranberries and asked what that was and I said, "those are Cranberries" so we asked her if she could say cranberries and she called them "cranbabies". It was too funny. She also asked what the ham was and I told her that it was ham and she started to sing the song "Father Abraham", I guess it sounded like the same thing to her. It was so funny.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New News

I'm so sorry to my readers, if I have any left. Its very frustrating not having the internet at home. I called the internet provider yesterday, again, and they aren't in any hurry to get us service, even though they can see that there is a demand for it on our street. I'm thinking about calling and talking to a manager with the company, because its very annoying to be without the Internet for such a long time.
Anyway, we are pretty much settled into our home now. Still have to set up the nursery and the office, but since neither room is being occupied we aren't in any big hurry to get it done. We FINALLY got our refrigerator after a month on order. It came in last week, and was the wrong one. I'm so over the refrigerator ordeal. We're just going to keep the one that came in and deal with it. We like the one that we got, its just that we paid more to have one with water in the door, and this one doesn't have it. We talked to Lowes and they said the one we want is another $400! I'm over it!
Adriana is doing good. She is loving school, although last week she got bad reports both days, just for not listening. She has gotten bad about not wanting to listen lately and now its bleeding over to school. I know its just a 2 year old thing, but its wearing me out! She is so funny though. Whenever she gets in trouble, she will cry and cry and cry. The other day she was having a fit and I told her if she stopped crying, that she would get something (like watch a show or something) and in the middle of deep cries she stops and says, "I'm not done crying yet mommy." It so funny that she is starting to talk so much more.
We are getting more and more ready for the baby to come, me especially. I'm tired of being pregnant. I have about another 6 weeks or so. We have come up with a name. Its a little different, but we like it. We're going to name him Paxton Michael Naylor. Now we just have to get his room done and we'll be ready for him.
I'm currently working at an old co-workers insurance office. I worked with him at the dealership and when the company went under he opened over an Allstate office, and he hired me to do some data entry. I'm enjoying it because it lets me have adult interaction instead of arguing with a 2 year old all day. I can come and go when I want, which I love.
Well, stay with me, I'll update when I can. Pictures may not come for awhile, but I'll post when I can.