Sunday, March 27, 2011


A while back my Grandma Bowen bought Adriana a subscription to "Highlights" magazine. I
don't think she could have gotten her anything she would love more. Its like she found a whole
room full of toys when she gets one in the mail, she gets so excited. She wants to go page by page reading EVERYTHING and doing EVERY activity. She even wants recipes and crafts instructions read to her. Its such a great way for her to learn and grow. She is such a smart child. We got her some workbooks to help with letters, numbers, counting and writing. She has caught on so fast. Its hard to believe that she only has one more year of preschool left and then off to Kindergarten. Where has the time gone?

I love this picture of Ryan and Adriana looking at her new magazine. Ryan also gets a big kick out of reading it too. Thanks Grandma for getting both of my bigger kids something they can do together!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Growing Boy

Its hard to believe that Paxton is 16 Months old already. Time has gone by so fast. I was just thinking back the other day and the exact day he turned 16 months old, 2 years to the day we found out we were pregnant with him (on the day that Ryan's Grandpa passed away). Its amazing what this little man can do. He has such a personality and sweet spirit. He is ALL boy! He LOVES to eat! He is normally the first one to the table and the last to leave. He is a bottomless pit. The poor little guy has to still chew all that food he eats with just 4 teeth. He has 4 more coming in now, but I'm amazed at how slow they are coming in.
Here are some sweet pictures I took of him this last week. He thought he was hot stuff!

Lean, Mean, WILD dancing machines!

I'm trying to play catch up with pictures, stories and videos. Here's a cute video taken a couple of months ago of the kids dancing. We have this video dance thing that plugs into your TV and the kids can dance along with the music and cartoons. They were having a blast!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm OVER it!

This winter has been TOUGH! I mean TOUGH! I think a lot of people have just had a bad winter. It seems that everyone has been so sick, more so than normal. We have been pretty fortunate not to get the stuff going around as much as other people seem to have had it, but we have had enough to say, we are over it! I'm ready for spring! I'm ready to have my windows opened, plant flowers, play outside, take trips to the park and so on. I'm tired of cold wind, snow, sleet, being cooped up all day, everyday, school getting cancelled because of the weather, not going to school because of sickness and so on. With all that being said, forgive me for not updating my blog as much. I have really slacked off. I have no energy to do blogs. Its so time consuming and as much as I love having documentation on what my family is doing, I have just put it on the back burner. I also feel like, because of all the cold weather and sickness, there's really nothing to write about. I do have some stories to catch up on and I will do my best to get back on the blog pony and start writing again. Stick around, there is more to come...