Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter On The Farm

So this last weekend, I took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt at a local farm here, that is open to the public.  Ryan had left town for the weekend to help his sister, Lauren, move into her new house.  This event was free and sounded like lots of fun, so me and the kids headed to it.  It was a really pretty day, and they had tons of stuff there to do.  This picture is one of when we first got there, with the beautiful tulips in the background.  (By the way, Paxton is sheilding his eyes from the sun).

They had lots of fun crafts and games to play there that was free, so we took advadvantage of those.  The kids enjoyed making Easter themed crafts.

Some of the other things we did while we were there was went on a hayride, saw livestock, went in a bounce house and climbed on huge haybales.  The kids had a great time and acted so good. 

The highlight for the kids was the face painting.  We waited in line for face painting for over an hour.  But the kids enjoyed it so much, it was worth sitting in the hot sun for.  Adriana wanted to get a unicorn, and I thought the lady did such a good job.

 Then Paxton is too weird about people touching him, so he just wanted a monkey painted on his arm.  The lady did such a good job and was so gentle with him.

 I was so proud of our kids that day.  Its rare these days that we are out in public without melt downs, fighting or fits, but they did so good.  Afterwards we went and got pizza and a soda.  It was such a fun day filled with many memories.