Friday, March 28, 2008

Note: I wrote this on Friday but it didn't get published till today. Sorry.

Well, I am currently in the process of preparing for a garage sale tomorrow. I have a lot of work left to do. It is hard to work on it when you have a little rug rat running around trying to "help". I just put her down for a nap (hopefully) and am getting ready to start up again on pricing all my valuables. :)

Not much is going on with us. Yesterday was gorgeous, almost 80 degrees, and today its only in the 40's. We had some friends come out last night and I BBQ some hamburgers and hot dogs. It was a great time. I love the taste and smell of BBQ. I have to say, that we look like Sanford and Sons with our grill. We have a little $20 charcoal grill from last year that is rusted and faded, and the neighbors to either side of us, have $300 gas grills. I like the taste of Charcoal better, I just wished our grill didn't look like something we picked up off the side of the road. Oh well, maybe they will feel sorry for us and buy us a new one. :)

Well we are on our way to becoming debt free, besides student loans and the house, we were able to pay off our car, hospital bill, furniture and refrigerator with our tax return. It is such a great feeling to have that burden lifted from us. So how do we celebrate our debt freedom?...We buy a 42" flat screen TV. I know, it doesn't make any since, but we got this one on clearance and a great price. We feel guilty buying it, but we have never had a big splurge like that before since we've been married, so for once, we threw conscience to the wind and bought a new toy. Now granted, we have rabbit ears picking up our signal on our nice new TV (again Sanford and Son), but we actually get digital signal with them and have a great picture and sound.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Here are some pictures from Easter. Adriana got 2 Easter baskets
and loved the goodies inside.
We never could get her to smile while she was wearing her Easter Dress.
She loved looking in her Easter baskets. She kissed the Elmo DVD that the Easter bunny brought her.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Hair cut

Well this last weekend we went to visit my parents in Jefferson City. Me and Adriana went down on Wednesday and Ryan came after work on Friday. We had a great time. We haven't been there since Thanksgiving. I got to see some of my closest friends while I was down there and catch up on lost times. Anyway, while we were there Adriana got her first hair cut. My mom cut her hair on Saturday and Adriana did very good sitting still. Her hair looks so much better and curls up more now than ever.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Day at the Park

Well today is absolutly gorgous outside (its about time!). So me and little Miss Adriana went to the park to play. This was the first time that she had been to the park to play. There were a ton of moms playing with their kids, I guess everyone else had the same idea. I think Adriana had a great time and it was good for both of us to get out of the house for a while. Now that Adriana is walking she is Miss Independent, so I thought she would love running around, but she just didn't know what to think of everything. I put her in the swings for a while and loved that! She didn't know what to think of the slide, but she still enjoyed it. She fell down one time on the concrete and scraped her nose and hand, but it didn't seem to bother her too much. The highlight for her at the park wasn't the slide or the swings or all the fun things to play on, no, no it was...the mulch! So if anyone is thinking about buying my child some sort of fun outdoor swing set or something, don't bother, just buy a bag of mulch, I think you can get it at Lowes. It doesn't take much to entertain my child, and in that way she is like her mom and dad, but nevertheless, she had a great time.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Weekend Getaway

Now, I know I already posted today, but I have some time right now and I wanted to post all week, but haven't had the time.

Last weekend, me and Ryan were able to have a weekend getaway thanks to Ryan's work. We got to go to North Kansas City Friday-Sunday. My parents came down and babysat the rug rat so we were able to fully enjoy a 48 hours of freedom. Don't get me wrong, I love my baby, but I felt like a teenager whose parents have left for the weekend, I didn't know what to do with myself. Ryan had conferences during the day time, and they provided us with a great dinner both Friday and Saturday nights. I got to take naps and go shopping and not worry about strollers and diaper bags and what not. Saturday afternoon, Ryan got done early and so he said he would go shopping with me and what did we do? Shopped all afternoon for little Miss Adriana. Our vacation away from her still revolved around her. All we did was talk about her, and buy souvenirs for her. We missed her but still had a great time, a much needed rest, for me anyway.

Pictures of our Suite. The picture on the end is the hotel lobby you have to tilt your head to the right to make it look right.
I felt like the Beverly Hillbillies when we got to the hotel. Now mind you, we don't really stay in hotels very often, but when we do, its normally Motel 6. We got to stay at an Embassy Suites and if you've never been to one, they are awesome! I know, I don't get out much, but to have a REAL breakfast (made to order), down pillows, 2 TVs, a mini bar in our room, sheets without holes in them, it was like we won the lottery. I loved our rooms and I loved staying in it and just hanging out. Our last trip to Motel 6 involved wholly sheets, half clean bathroom and mosquito's infesting our room. It was a horrible experience and it was just nice to stay in a hotel room where you felt comfortable walking around barefoot.

I know, I sound like I just off the hillbilly train, but I don't care, it was nice. Ryan's work has this conference every year, and I'm definitely looking forward to next year!

A Morning at the Naylors

Normally, mornings are filled with dragging my feet and rear out of bed to get a normally happy baby out of bed and start feeding her breakfast, which has become quite a messy adventure as she has started to feed herself. And Ryan, running around like chicken with his head cut off, making his breakfast and lunch, taking a shower, dressing in 5 layers of clothes because its so cold outside and scampering off to work. Well Thursday morning wasn't really any different than most, however, after I got Adriana started on breakfast, I ran to the other room and when I came back out this is the picture I saw. Adriana eating, Zoe on the table looking for trouble and my husband, who apparently became a 220lbs bunny talking business on his cell phone. I had to do a double take. It was so funny. Little did the lady on the other line, calling to set up an appointment with Ryan so he could look at her car, know that she was talking to the Easter bunny! I don't know if he was wearing the ears for himself or for Adriana, either way it was a funny site to behold.