Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adriana's 1st Birthday

Posting Note: I hate how the pictures are laid out, I'm sorry they are out of order. I'm still trying to figure out how to work this website.

Well believe it or not, my baby is one year old today! I'm at a loss for words when I think that she's this old already. In some ways it seems like its been that long, and in other ways it seems like she was just born. Looking back on the past year, I am reminded of many happy memories. Adriana has been such a good baby. She has always been faithful with taking good naps, not fussing a lot, eating good, and just always being in a good mood. Sure we have had our moments, but you tend to forget the sleepless nights, crying and not listening to anything I say, and focus on the good times. Me and Ryan are so blessed to have such a great child. I am so blessed to get to stay home with her and watch her grow and change everyday it seems. I love my baby and am sad to think of her growing so fast.

Well this last weekend, we celebrated her birthday with a big birthday bash. We had a great time! Ryan's family (parents, sisters and niece and nephew) were all able to come up from Alabama to celebrate with us. We just had a small birthday party at our house and friends and family from all over were there to watch Adriana tare into her birthday cake and her presents. It was so funny to watch her eat her cake. We don't generally let her eat sweets and so as she ate it so delicately she kept looking at me waiting for me to get on to her for eating something so messy. She's really big into Elmo so we had a Sesame Street themed party. It was lots of fun and am excited to have shared it with everyone.

As for the birthday girl, today she is running a temp and coughing real bad. She goes to the doctor tomorrow for shots and a check-up, what a way to bring in your first birthday.

Thank you to all who came to the party, if you couldn't make it, we missed you and hope you enjoy the pictures. Have a great day!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, Monday

Well its Monday morning and we're not off to a great start. Thunder woke me up this morning, that's right thunder. Its very weird to think of thunder and lighting when its 17 degrees outside. It has been sleeting and freezing rain all morning. Ryan can't get out to go to work and it doesn't look like its going to be stoping anytime soon. I like days like these, but its still weird.
Well, we had a crazy weekend. Mom and dad were coming down this weekend to babysit for us because we had a huge garage sale at our church that we had to work at. Well friday morning my parents were on their way down here and they stopped at a rest stop about 45 minutes away and mom got out of the car and slipped on some ice and cracked her knee cap. So mom went to the hospital here in Springfield and they just put her leg in an immoblizer. After we got mom here and settled in, I had to take Adriana to urgent care because she was running a 104.8 tempature. She just has an upper chest congestion, but needless to say, we have had quite the excitement around here. The only good thing is, is that we got a really NICE Sony surround sound system at the garage sale for only $50! I love it!
Well on to the next project, getting ready for Adriana's birthday party next weekend. I better get busy.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Me and my Girls

This picture was taken earlier this week. I love it because I had both my girls on my lap at the same time. Our cat Zoe was our only child for almost 2 years and was very spoiled. She was not big on any company in her house, especially children. We were very worried about bringing home Adriana, knowing how she acted, she's not the best hostest in the world. She did not know what to think of Adriana at all. Who was this screaming, crying baby who took all of MY mom's time? She would run and hide under the bed everytime Adriana would cry and was just a nervous reck for the longest time. Adriana has always loved Zoe. She could be in the middle of a screaming fit and see Zoe and instantly stop and smile, its been that way every since Adriana was about 3 or 4 months old. Now that Adriana is more mobile and independent she now chases Zoe. Zoe is still not 100% in love with Adriana, but she's getting there. She is very patient and good with her. Someday they will be best of friends, but until then, I'll charish holding them both at the same time.