Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crib Time

It was so cute today when Adriana woke up from her morning nap. She was in her bed playing and I peeked my head in her room, what I saw craked me up. I witnessed a poor baby doll getting tossed from one side of the her bed to another, as if her baby doll had done something to tick her off. The whole time the baby was being tossed about "like a rag doll" (sorry its cheesy, I know), she had a pacifier in her other hand shaking it, making it noise. She soon got bored with her dolly and started playing with her aquiruim and turned it on. Her aquiruim plays a luliby that she goes to sleep to everynight. While it was playing music she stood up next to it and was trying to drop the pacifier she had in her hand back behind the crib and she accidently bumped a button on the aquirum and changed the song to a more upbeat tune. It almost startled her and she moved as fast as she could to look at the front of the aqurium giving it a once over. She looked at the thing like she was looking at it for the first time. She had no idea that it played another song. Once she got use to the new tune, she started head banging to the upbeat song. She was rocking and rolling in her bed and having the time of her life. I love to watch her and watch her discover new things. I know that it was probably more intresting to see in person, but I got so tickled watching her, I had to hold in my laughter so she wouldn't spot me.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I feel like I need to write in my blog for some reason. I have nothing in particular to write about. I have been so busy painting our house, that I don't even have time to clean, let alone write on our blog.
Not much has been happening with us. Adriana is changing more and more everyday. Its hard to believe that tomorrow she will be 11 months old! I'm already in the planning stages for her first birthday party. A year has flown by and I was looking through pictures of her yesterday of when she was just a few months old, and how I long to cuddle with her and rock her to sleep again. Now I know she's not 12 years old and wants nothing to do with me, but she's getting more and more independent everyday. I love watching her learn new things and how excited she gets after the littlest tasks, like singing "the Itsy Bitsy Spider". She's starting to take "baby steps" a couple at a time and it won't be long till she's walking all over the place.
Ryan isn't up to much these days either. He is working hard at work and freezing to death in these bitter cold winter days. When he's not working he's home playing video games, playing with Adriana, and reading. (Sounds like I'm trying to take out a personal ad for my husband, no ladies he's not available).
And as for me, well I'm just sitting here literally watching paint dry. I will post pictures of our house once we get it in order, but right now I'm painting our family room, dining area and kitchen (its all one big room). I can only paint while Adriana's asleep so it makes the process a hard and long one. I hope to be done with it all by the end of this weekend, we'll see. I'm still not sure of the color. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever had these thoughts, but you pick out a color but once you get it on the wall, you wonder if it looks good or not. I'm at that point right now, although there is no turning back. The color we went with is a light khaki color, but in the evening time it takes on a green tone. Its not really a bad color, I just worry that it will not match my other decor. It doesn't really matter at this point, I'm not spending more money on paint, and I'm sure not going to be repainting anytime soon. Maybe I'll like it once its all done.
Well now that I've bored you to tears about our mundane life, I guess I'll wrap it up. I'm sure you probably kept reading, holding out hope that this blog might get more interesting, just like when your reading a bad book or a watching a boring movie, but I'm sorry folks this is all I have today. I like said earlier, its about nothing.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Adriana's Room

Well its finally done! Adriana will be one year old next month (which is so hard to believe) but I FINALLY have her room completed! This is the third time I have had to re-set up her room since the poor child has been born. I had one theme that my mom sewed up for me and within a month or two after Adriana was born I found something else that I really liked instead. We redecorated her room while we lived at the duplex but couldn't paint or make it real cute. Anyway, now that we have our own house, we can decorate it however we want. So this past weekend, my mom helped me painted and made yet another curtian for Adriana's room. I really like how it has turned out and Adriana likes all the "pretties" on her wall.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our First Christmas

Alright, I know, Christmas was like 2 weeks ago, and I'm just now getting this posted, but better late than never. We had a great first Christmas with Adriana. We went down to Montgomery, AL to visit Ryan's family. It was a long drive, as it always is, but well worth it to spend time with my wonderful family-in-law. We got to spend time with our niece and nephew, Riley and Jack, which it was Riley's first Christmas too (she is about 3 months younger than Adriana). Anyway, we had so much fun watching the kids rip into the presents and play with their new toys. Ryan's grandparents and his aunt KK were able to come up from Flordia to meet Adriana for the first time. The week was so much fun seeing family that we haven't seen in so long, hanging out with friends and just being surrounded by people you love and care so much for. We had a great Christmas and can't wait to go back and visit Montgomery soon.