Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cows Eat Free

A while back, maybe a month ago or so, Chick-Fil-A had "Dress Like a Cow Day and Eat for Free". If you were covered from head to tail (get it!) you got a free MEAL. If you only had a cow shirt or something little you only scored a free sandwich, which was still a good deal. I was so excited about this. i don't know why, really. they have this often, and I have never done it before, but I was really pumped about getting a free meal and getting the kids to dress up too. I made their outfits out of trash bags. i put black dots on them, and a tail. I made ears and a little cow bell that read "Can I "Calf" a free meal Plez?" I wore an all black outfit, that I taped white dots to. Not a smart idea when you have to carry a little calf around. All my dots fell off and I just looked stupid with just one or two intact. My cowbell read "Have you herd I love chickin?". We got FREE meals that day. It was so fun. Paxton, on the other hand, did NOT enjoy it at all! He was scared to death of the big cows walking around. you can see the shear terror in his face in the picture below. He was so scared, he was actually shaking. Poor guy. Still funny though.

This picture below is the only one I got of them. I was really wanting to get better pictures, since I worked hard on their outfits, but we were spent by the time we were done, so this is what I got. Better than nothing, I suppose.

It was fun and I enjoyed doing it and hope to do it next time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Candid Camera

One day we were bored. Surprise! We were sitting at home so I busted out the camera. We just had fun shooting self portraits of ourselves. Now, before we are so crazy, I'm using a big SLR camera, so taking self portraits is a little more tricky than you think. Just sayin'!
Anyway, we got it out and snapped away. We took a lot of pictures, and I was hoping that at least one would turn out decent, but these were the best of the group. Paxton looks drugged up, but I promise I don't drug my children until bedtime (JUST KIDDING!! DON'T TURN ME IN!).

The 3 pictures above were done with a timer.

The kids LOVE taking pictures with the timer.

Every time we do a picture, Paxton always makes

the sign for "more". What a ham!

Adriana putting poor Milo in a choke hold.

These pictures above are sweet moments, I want to savor. My babies are growing so fast, it makes me sad. They bicker, like siblings do, but they also have sweet moments like, getting out their chairs and watching TV together. It melts my heart to see them being sweet with each other. I cherish these moments, whether its being silly with the camera, or seeing their little bodies sitting in little chairs side by side. I LOVE it and I'm beyond blessed with 2 sweet, healthy babies.

My Little Rough And Tumble

This little man of mine, is TOUGH! He is truly ALL boy! He has two speeds, full blast and sleep. I'm amazed at the difference between boys and girls. I love my little man, even though he can be a handful. As you can see the shiner on his eye, this was his first one, however, he has had a few more since then. He got a new one tonight, in fact. (This picture was taken about a month ago. You may also notice the faint goose egg he has on his forehead from a few days before.) He doesn't cry long, if at all. He's one tough, huggable, lovable, sweet little boy, whom I wouldn't trade for anything. I'll take him, black eye and all.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Our First Garden

I have had more trouble getting this blog post written and uploaded, that since I have started, my garden is actually half dead. But nevertheless, I press on.
This year was our first garden. I was super excited to grow our own veggies, or at least try anyway. I don't exactly have a green thumb. I get all excited in the spring, go and buy flowers and it looks really good, but then, a week goes by and I've realized that I haven't watered my flowers. Some hang in there, but most of them are long gone before a month is through. SO, with that being said, I was excited about getting a vegetable garden going, but also leery that my wonderful planting skills would come to pass and we would have nothing growing but weeds. Well, I am proud to say, that we had a very fruitful garden this year. I planted asparagus (which we can't pick until next year), squash, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes and green peppers. I did fight something this year eating our plants, so that's why I think half of our crop is gone, but I'm still pleased with the result.
So, in order to have a nice garden you need a nice garden bed. So we built one. Correction, my mom built one. I'm glad she knows what she is doing, because she did it a lot better than we would have. I'm very thankful for a hard working Mom that is willing to come out and pour blood, sweat and tears into helping us build a garden.

As you can see, my mom had more than enough
helpers to get started. The dog even got in on
the action.

The finished bed. I wish I would have taken a
picture of it a week or two ago. Its amazing how
fast vegetables grow.

This was my first crop. It got bigger and better

but it was such a great feeling to grow your own

food. We'll definitely be doing this next year.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bowling With The Kids

Okay, go ahead a say it, "Wow, I can't believe Lori FINALLY updated her blog! Why doesn't she do it more often!?". I'm right there with you! I have been such a slacker, it almost makes me sick to my stomach. I have even slacked off on taking pictures of the kids, let alone write about them. Its like I'm watching them grow up right before my eyes and I'm afraid that I won't remember half the things they do or say, because I'm being too lazy to write about them. I am going to TRY my hardest to snap more photos and write quick things down, just so I can have them.
Anyway, back to the original post. My friend, Hilary, told me about this program called Kids Bowl Free. Its a national program (I think), and you can sign your kids up and they can bowl everyday, up to 2 games per day, throughout the summer, all for FREE! If you want to pay a little, you can also sign up to 4 adults to come with your kids. Its a one time fee and then you can bowl as many times with your kids (up to 2 games a day). I was really excited about this, and I told Adriana all about it. She wanted to go bowling then. She had never bowled before, but was anxious to give it a try. I signed my parents up as the other 2 adults on the tickets, so we invited them to come with us. It was a lot of fun!

Here's a pic of the kids on the way to bowl. I love
when they hold hands, its so sweet.

Adriana ready to bowl her heart out.

Paxton, of course, LOVED it because
there were balls involved. He was picking
up the heavy 14lbs too, he was in hog heaven.

Paxton bowling. It moved so slow, but he
was so excited.

A picture of Pa in action.

A picture of Mimi in action.

Adriana waiting for the ball to roll down the alley.
She would get so excited if she even got one pin
down. A funny story, I explained to her not to go
over the line, but I didn't tell her why. She tried
to bowl on her own and was so excited, she went
past the black line and about half way down the alley.
She was so embarrassed and had the hardest time, on
the waxy floors coming back to us. Poor thing!

Me and Paxton bowling.

Paxton trying to get all the balls. He was
such a handful!

If you want to know who the winner is, she is
to the right in this picture. I whooped everyone
there. :)
We had a great time and hope to do it more often.