Thursday, September 30, 2010

A New Post...Coming Soon

Sorry. I actually was sitting down tonight to write a blog about Ryan's Parents visiting us this last weekend, however, I have a sick child crying for me needing me right now. Paxton was sick from Tuesday and Wednsday and now Adriana is running a 103.8 temp tonight. It seems like there is always something going on. I have saved my post about Ryan's parents, however, I need to finish writing it, I hope to post soon. Keep Checking back.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A No Good Day For Paxton

My poor little Paxton. The Thursday before Labor Day, he got what they call "Nurse-Maid's Elbow". His sister gave it to him. I left the room for a brief moment and came running in when I heard Paxton crying in pain. He was lying on the floor. Adriana had tried to pull him up on the couch with one arm. She ended up pulling his elbow out of socket. I made an appointment for his doctor, but they couldn't get him in for 3 hours. He wouldn't scream or cry if I held his arm tight, so it wouldn't move. Well, I thought, I'm not going to be able to sit here all day and hold him and not move. So, I wrapped it up really tight, in a man-made sling. It worked! He was fine, and would actually crawl around with one arm. It was so sad to see him in so much pain. Here's a couple of pictures of him before.

After the doctor popped it back into place, he was fine. I knew it didn't hurt him anymore, because we could move it for him and he wouldn't cry, however, he hadn't forgotten the pain. That evening, he would still crawl around on the one arm, until he discovered that it didn't hurt him anymore. This was a long day, but everything worked out.

Labor Day Weekend

This year, Labor Day weekend was so much fun. We took full advantage of the 3 day weekend. On Friday, my dear friend, Allison, whom I haven't seen in 4 years, came to visit us while she was in town visiting her family. We were so honored and blessed to have her and her girls drop in and see us. Me and Allison went to college together, she sang in 'Faithful', the group I ran sound for. We have had lots of bonding experiences through our travels together. Me and her husband, Stephen, majored in the same degree, so we were good friends too. Stephen and Allison are wonderful people, and we wish we got to see them more.
I hadn't seen them since I has pregnant with Adriana, so they had never met our kids and we had never met theirs. Their oldest, Julianne, is 6 months younger than Adriana and their baby, Lorelei, is about a month younger than Paxton, so everyone had a playdate. The girls got along wonderfully (after Adriana snapped out of her mood that lasted well over an hour). The babies played great together too. We had a great time catching up with Allison and seeing their beautiful family. We hope next time Stephen can join them. Here are some pictures from their visit.

The girls roped Ryan in taking them for a walk,
they had a good time.

Playing outside.

Paxton's new girl.

The best shot we could get of all four kids.
I think it turned out so cute.

Me and Allison.

On Saturday morning we loaded up and headed to Chillicothe. I know, where? Its a little North of Kansas City, my dad's cousin and family live up that way. You may remember my post, not too long ago, about them coming down to Branson and us getting to hang out then. Well, this time we went up to see them. My parents went too. Its about a 4 hour drive and it was our first trip with both kids. I was a little nervous to say the least. They actually did really good, so that was a huge relief.
We made it up there around lunch time on Saturday. After we ate a wonderful lunch, we headed out on 4 wheelers. Me and Ryan were so excited about this. Barb and Roger live on TONS of land, so me and Ryan and Mitch and Molly headed out for a little ride. I was a little scared (I'm not going to lie) about riding with Ryan. He has little to no experience driving a 4 wheeler. When we first set out, we headed down this hill that was washed out and our 4 wheeler slowly tipped on its side. Not a good start. After that though, it was a lot of fun.

This is a picture I took while we were on the 4 wheeler.
Notice my hair is blowing, therefore we are moving, and
Ryan's eyes are not on the road!

A picture of Mitch and Molly leading
the way.

After we got done riding around, Roger let us shoot some guns. Boy did he have a spread laid out for us.

We got to shoot any size gun or pistol we wanted. It was very nice of him to go through this much trouble for us, we really enjoyed it.

Getting last minute instructions from Roger.

Don't worry. I took Riflery in college, so I know
what I'm doing! :)
That day was so relaxing with such great weather to go along with it. The next day we went to church and then back to the house for more food and play. The kids played so hard, that this actually happened (mind you, it hasn't happened in over 6 months).....

ADRIANA TOOK A NAP!! Truly a vacation for all.

Roger and Jonas were wiped out too.

Poor Ryan wasn't really feeling good that whole weekend. He was fighting what we thought were allergies, but later turned into a cold. He fell asleep downstairs and this is what we found....

Yes, that is a pink bunny he is sleeping with. It was not staged there, he actually had had it under his head, but later moved it. Emma saw he was sleeping with her bunnies and said that it was okay that he used them while he napped. Too funny!
We headed back home on Monday, but not before the kiddos got to go feed the cows. Here is a picture of them waiting for Roger to get the feed. I love how Emma and Adriana are holding hands.

Adriana thought she was going to get to pet the cows but they were too scared, this was as close as they would let them get.

The last shot of the trip was of Emma and Adriana. Adriana adores Emma and loves to play with her.
We all had a great time. The trip was very relaxing, filled with good food and laughter. Thank you Barb and Roger, Mitch, Molly and the kids for allowing us to come and stay with you guys. It was a trip we won't soon forget!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paxton Waves

I don't have any pictures this time and I'm sorry that I have been slacking in my blogging, it has been a crazy couple of weeks. I hope after tomorrow, things will get back to "normal" and I can get caught up on some things.
I did, however, want to note that today Paxton waved for the first time. Its not really a moving wave, more like a hand in the air holding still, but his Mama is going to call it a wave. He is growing and changing so much all the time. I love my little man!
I am being called to go tuck in Adriana. I must go, but I promise to have interesting stuff this week.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Goodbye Summer 2010

Well its been a while. Or at least it seems that way. I feel like I don't have time to sleep these days. Well, okay, I'm still in bed by 10pm, but I guess I don't have time to do things I enjoy doing, such as my blog. So with that being said, I'm just going to roll it all into one.
First on the agenda, our house. We are going to sell it. Just kidding! I know you guys think we are crazy anyway for moving as much as we do, so I just wanted to throw that out there. No, it was a year ago on Sept. 1 that we closed on our "new" house (as Adriana still calls it). I can't believe its been a year already. We really love our house. God has richly blessed us with our home, and even though I constantly complain about our neighbors (and have even called the Sheriff's department a few times on them), we really have it good. God always provides for our needs and our wants (i.e. a nicer, bigger house).

Second on the agenda: Adriana started back up at preschool. This is her third year going and she LOVES it! Last week marked the end of a VERY long summer. I think it felt long because we were so tied down with Paxton, that we couldn't really get out for very long and do anything because of naps. We tried to do fun things, but it still was long. It was nothing for Adriana to say "I'm bored, I want to go to school". So as much as I wasn't wishing the summer away, it was good for her (and me) for school to start up. Her first day was last week and she loved seeing her old friends and being in a new classroom.

I couldn't really get a good smile out of her, so this is the best I could do. She has a Care Bear bag that looks like the stuffed Care Bear her aunt Lauren gave to her. Adriana named the Care Bear "Crouton" so she calls this tote bag her "Crouton" bag. People probably think she's crazy!

Lastly on the agenda: Paxton. This poor little man has endured more than me and Ryan has ever had to, in our life time. Between this latest incident and his hernia surgery, this little man is toughing up, quickly. Yesterday, I left the kids inside just for a second, to go out and cover the grill. I all of a sudden hear this scream from Paxton and go in and see him lying face down on the ground. Adriana had a guilty look on her face, so I figured she squeezed his hand hard and made him cry. Well after 30 minutes of crying I was worried that his arm was out of socket. Well, long story short, it was his elbow that popped out when she tried to lift him on the couch with one arm. We had to wait over 2 hours to get into the doctor's office, so instead of holding him this whole time, I wrapped his arm.

He was in a better mood after his arm was wrapped and he played the best he could. The doctor popped it back in and he was good to go. He was still leery about using it for a long time last night, but once he realized it wasn't going to hurt, he was back to crawling all over the place.
Even though life seems crazy at times, I love my babies and I'm saddened at the thought of how much different they are going to be by next summer. I enjoyed this summer with Paxton learning to crawl, floating in the pool and kicking his legs, and just being a sweet baby. I enjoyed Adriana always being ready to go and do new things. I will miss her saying "Its just us girls" when me and her are alone. And I will miss the way she always wants to be a princess and how the littlest things excite her so much. Next summer will be different and there will be new things to treasure, but I will always hold this one close to my heart.