Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Well, we got the special privilege of going back and visiting the Titanic in Branson again this last weekend.  Because of the stomach bug going around in our family, it was only me and Adriana that got to go this time.  We were, however able to make a girls day of it with meeting up with cousins from out of town.  It was perfect because right now, during the month of December, its a "Princess" themed event at the Titanic, so it was perfect for a girls day. 
Last time we went, Adriana was getting sick, so she really didn't get to take it in, like I know she wanted to.  This time, she had a blast.  There are so many displays, quizzes and the listening device that everyone gets, that helps involve even my 5 year old. 
Adriana said the dogs and the Princess were her favorite parts.  Last time we went, the dogs already had gone home for the evening.  How cool is it that they have live dogs there, that you can see, pet and watch them do little tricks?  These sweet dogs were so well behaved.  We saw them in their suite, of course, taking a beauty rest.  (which you can watch online, through their webcam).  Then we later saw them riding in an old time baby stroller.  Sitting so proud.  It was so cute.  The lady pushing them around, let them get out, and they rang a bell that was attached to the front of the stroller.  They were so well behaved.  (I think they could teach Milo a thing or two!)
Later, when we were done, we went outside and the dogs were out getting some fresh air.  Being a huge dog lover, I loved seeing how sweet the staff is to the dogs and how spoiled they are.  We were able to capture this picture with them.

The Princess was also there.  What little girl wouldn't love seeing a beautiful young woman, dressed in an all white fluffy gown?  Adriana took it in.  She was so nice, and took time to talk to Adriana and told her to make a wish and send it, and then the Princess caught the wish and said it would come true.  That's so special for little girls.  The Princess made Adriana feel like she was the only one there and just took the time to talk to her.  It was such a special time. 
There is so much stuff there, I so enjoyed going again and being able to see things I missed the first time around.  There is a new Morse code display, which is interactive and fun to try to tap out your name on.  So many things, I just enjoyed it so much.  If you get a chance to go to Branson and see it, I encourage you to do so.  Such a FUN, educational experience!

For more information on the Princess Event going on right now, click on the link below!

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