Monday, August 27, 2012

Paxton's First Day of School-2012

So this is my little man's second year of Preschool.  Last year was a rough year, I'm not going to lie.  He was in a class room next to mine last year, and when he would see me in gym class, music class, outside playtime and anytime he walked by my room (which was several times a day), he would go into a crying fit.  Most of the year, he would melt down when he saw me.  I thought maybe he would get use to it a few weeks in, but no, he made it a challenge for me and his teachers. 
This year, I was hoping and praying that he would mature enough over the summer, to get over that when he would see me in school.  My fingers were crossed.

He was all geared up and ready to go this morning.  He was so excited to start "high school".  Don't ask me where he got this, but over the summer, he has it in his head that he is going to start high school, while Sissy is in Kindergarten.  Of course, Adriana is always so quick to correct her brother, but if he's happy about it and thinks its high school, lets not correct him. 

Last week, we went in to "meet his teachers".  He kept telling me, "I promise, I promise, I promise, I won't cry".  He's too sweet.  He was getting a little nervous thinking he was going to be left behind, but overall, he had a good time meeting his teachers and playing with all the new toys in his classroom.
Call me a mean mom, but I really wanted his pictures taken with his teachers, so I "made" them hold him, obviously against his will, so that I could take this picture.  He actually cried for just a few minutes, and then I'm told he had a great day.  Its always an adjustment for him, but I'm hoping this year, he will have fun, learning and growing at school.

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